Erie Masonic District

Grand Lodge of the State of New York
Erie County, NY

Gamers Night at the Valley!

February 5th, 2016. 6:29 p.m. at the 32º Center on Union Rd., the Princes of Jerusalem bring you a Gamers Night.

The Tables will be out, chairs, and power cords. Bring your PS/XBox consoles. Your Chess boards. Killer Bunnies decks. Trivial Pursuit. Any table top type game where you can enjoy an evening of fellowship and community with a serving of Chili and Pizza.

BYOB, no hard liquor, please. Soft drinks will be available. There will be a basket out for donations to cover our minimal costs.

Bring your monitors, controllers, cables, whatever you need to set up and sit down. We will accommodate whatever you bring (ahem…w/in limits of decency). The doors are open to all, Masons or not, all genders. Dominos, checkers, poker, euchre, and pinochle, if you like.

Its all about Game Night.