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Erie Parish United Lodge No. 161 Awards Presentations




Brother William Braun Jr. 60 Years Award

Bro. Braun with the DDGM


Worshipful Stuart Osborne 70 Year Award


Saturday, September 17, 2016 R:. W:. Robert Drzewucki, District Deputy Grand Master Second Erie District, and R:. W:. Walter Wieand, Secretary Erie Parish United #161 traveled to the home of Brother William Braun Jr to recognized Brother Braun of his 60-year masonic anniversary and present him with his Grand Lodge Certificate and pin. Brother Braun was very grateful for the recognition and very mindful of his years involved with the Craft. R:. W:. Drzewucki and R:. Wieand continued the day on to visit, recognize and honor Worshipful Stuart Osborne on his attaining 70 years of membership in the Masonic Craft. In addition to receiving his certificate and pin, Worshipful Osborne and his visitors discussed many of the great memories of times gone by. Worshipful Osborne reinforced the Masonic sentiments that “you get out of masonry, what you put in”. No matter how long you belong to the craft, this sentiment never changes. Worshipful Osborne was very grateful for the thoughts and recognition of the Brethren.

Blazing Star Lodge No. 694 Official Visit – September 13, 2016

blazing-star-694-official-visit-20160913-1of2 blazing-star-694-official-visit-20160913-2of2

R:. W:. Robert Drzewucki, District Deputy Grand Master Second Erie District, R:. W:. David Bindig, Grand Director of Ceremonies, V:. W:. Douglas Mekeel, Assistant Grand Lecturer of the Second Erie District and the Second Erie team of Commitee Chairmen kicked off the traveling season with a visit to W:. Jim Andruczyk and the Brothers of Blazing Star Lodge No. 694 for their Official Visit. An excellent evening was shared between everyone and the Grand Master’s message was well received. Do not miss your opportunity to hear the Grand Master’s Message when the Second Erie team comes to your lodge.

Road to the East Successfully – September 10, 2016


On the Saturdays o – 16 and September 17, 2016 in Colden, NY. R:. W:. David Bindig, Grand Director of Ceremonies and his expert team of Brothers presented the Road to the East Course to eager and enthusiastic Brothers from five Second Erie District Lodges. Living Stone Lodge No. 255 was very gracious to open their doors for the course which was very successfully completed with a lot of informative instruction and discussions.

Betsy Ross Levant Order of the Eastern Star Pulled Pork BBQ – September 10, 2016

2016-oes-1 2016-oes-2 2016-oes 2016-oes-4


On September 10th, the Brothers and Sisters of Betsy Ross Levant OES opened the doors of the Sweethome Temple for a little pulled pork BBQ. If you have not seen the Ken-Ton Lodge Smoker, it is a thing of beauty. With their help, BRL was able to smoke some of the best pulled pork you are going to get. As you can see from the pictures it was well supported and fun was had not just by their patrons but the Brothers and Sisters themselves. Can’t wait for next years smoke out! Good job BRL!

Buffalo’s Most Amazing Race – August 27, 2016

2016 race


2016 most amazing

Our Brothers and their families volunteering with the Salvation Army  

If you were downtown to see the world’s largest rubber ducky you may have noticed other action going on around CanalSide. One event was Buffalo’s Most Amazing Race. Much like the TV show this led people around the city to do different fun tasks all in race to the finish. One of their organizers was First Erie’s own, Bro. Mark Donnelly, Ph.D – First Erie Communications Chairman.

Right from Dr. Mark –

“I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to the merry band of Brothers and their families for helping to make the first annual Salvation Army “Buffalo’s Most Amazing Race” such a tremendous success. Not shown in this picture are Brothers Scott Meacham, Donald Monheim, and Frank Gaskill who somehow were able to avoid my camera.”

Thank you Brothers and Sisters for helping build a better community!


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