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Cassiopeia Organization of Triangles Potato Bake

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2016 potato bar

Donation Presentation to Ridge Council DeMolay- Friday August 19, 2016

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Right Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale – DDGM First Erie – Presents Gift to Master Councilor

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Right Wor. Di Natale with Ridge Council and Chapter Dad Howard


You can never be too impressed by the hard work and dedication of our Masonic youth. They put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to their Chapters and to the larger Masonic community. It is amazing that they do this on Lodge sponsorships and donations alone! A few years ago when we started attending parades as a district again, calls went out to all the bodies in Masonry. The largest responder was both our DeMolay Chapters – Ridge and Meridian Sun. To thank them for their unflinching support over the years in our Masonic family activities we have donated the proceeds from the parade tee shirt to them each year. This year the sales allowed for a $175 donation to each  DeMolay chapter in Erie County. On August 19th the District was able to get over and award the gift to the council. Don’t worry Meridian Sun we are coming to you next!



While in attendance to their communication a very enthusiastic presentation about the DeMolay “Squires” program was given. Designed for boys age 9 to 11  this gives an opportunity to allow the youngest men to learn what DeMolay has to offer. Ridge is actively looking to build this up in their Chapter. If you have a boy that might be interested let the Chapter know! More details can be found here. 

Masonic War Vets Post No. 10 – Communication and Events



Next Communication – Tuesday August 30th, at the 32* Center, on Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY

And if anyone is interested in attending the Grand opening of the WNY
Freedom Lounge, at the Buffalo Airport

Date: October 2, 2016
Time: 2:00-6:00 pm.
Ribbon cutting: 4:00 pm.

Reception: Days Hotel 4345 Genesee Street, Buffalo NY 14225.
Shuttle service to be provided to/from the lounge.

2016 Master Craftsmen Lodge No. 110 P.H.A Pig Roast – August 13, 2016

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The Master, Wardens, and Grand Officers of Master Craftsmen and Our Grand Lodge Officers and Brethren

2016 PHA 2

RW Peter Stien – Wor. Benjamin Kaminski – Master of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 – Wor. Daron Gates – Master of Master Craftsmen Lodge No. 110 P.H.A – Right Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale – Right Wor. John Backhaus

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What a Party!

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The Reason Masons Go Anywhere – The FOOD!


We are so lucky in Buffalo to not only have a rich and vibrant Masonic Community with First and Second Erie but also in the Prince Hall Community. It is time to travel! We have a wonderful relationship between our Grand Lodges and it is time we extend that further into our local Lodges in Buffalo. Thank you to Wor. Daron Gates – Master, Bro. John Burhana – SW, and Bro. Anthony Boles for putting on such a wonderful event held by Master Craftsmen Lodge No. 110 P.H.A.. Even with the stormy weather you could not stop the Brothers and ladies from getting out and enjoying the night at the Navel Park. The food was simply amazing. We are so thankful for the hospitality and warmth with our visit. We hope this is the First of many more visits  between First Erie and our Prince Hall Brothers.

Masonic Family Out for Habitat for Humanity – August 13, 2016

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The Masonic Family of First Erie at Work

2016 HH 2

Wor. Joshua Keim – Past Master of Harmonie – Wor. Matron Kristin Wipkey – Betsy Ross Levant O.E.S

2016 HH 3

The DDGM and Procter Get Serious on Some Dry Wall

Sometimes charity is not only enjoyable because its the right thing to do but because it is fun! The ladies of Betsy Ross Levant O.E.S for the last two years have put together Volunteer teams with Habitat for Humanity in Buffalo. This effort has been well received by the whole of the Masonic community and is quickly becoming the most well attended and supported Masonic Family charitable project in First Erie. With the DDGM of First Erie, Procter of the Grand Lodge, Wardens, Past Masters, Matrons, and Senior Officers from Betsy Ross you can see its important and rewarding effort. For all those that have said “I wish we did more in the community.” We do! Watch your communications as other events are coming which will allow you to serve in the larger Buffalo Community.

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