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The Grand Master on Civility


Our Country has recently experienced an election like no other. The level of rhetoric, heated speech, accusations and recriminations was beyond anything we have known in recent history. Both political parties have displayed uncivilized behavior far below the actions we embrace as a society of Free and Accepted Masons. Our teachings truly demonstrate the proper ways to interact with our fellow human beings. Now, that the election is over, I am very concerned about the tone and language I am seeing used by the Brethren on social media. My Brothers, our Country has spoken and we must, as good citizens, respecting the process and the results. I would like to ask all of you to please think before you post and use the following guidance:

  • Be quick to listen, slow to anger and be always respectful of others.
  • Ask yourself: If I were to read a post with the same language but with the opposite opinion to mine, how would I feel?
  • As a Freemason, how do my words affect others who know me to be a Freemason, and expect a high level of thought,and discourse from me?

In closing, I ask you to keep the Golden Rule in our hearts and minds and remember that we all have pledged to “pay proper respect to the civil magistrates,to work diligently, live creditably and act honorably by all men.”

With utmost courtesy and respect,

Jeffrey M. Williamson
Grand Master

Installation of 2016-2017 Officers of Betsy Ross Levant Chapter 695 OES



Congratulations to Betsy Ross Levant Chapter No. 695 OES for their Installation of Officers on November 12th. A very well attended and beautiful ceremony. It just shows you the forward momentum their chapter is having in our First Erie Masonic Community. Congratulations to WM Stephanie Storck and WB Micheal E. Storck on this election to leadership of the chapter. You may notice the sashes the officers are wearing in the photo. These beautifully restored items were given by the Grand Chapter to BRL for their use. We are all very excited for this next chapter is the story of this body of amazing people.

First Erie – Official Visit and Homecoming Harmonie Lodge No. 699 – November 9, 2016



This has been a wonderful Visit season in First Erie. As DDGM, I cannot thank our community enough for their hospitality, engagement, and support of the efforts of our team and our leaders. The community has earned every once of our reputation as being active and showing the very highest fellowship. All journeys must come to an end and this year’s session ended at Harmonie Lodge. It is always good to be home but it is very different from an official capacity. The Lodge as always welcomed all Brothers to a Festive Board dinner before the communication and we held an awards ceremony for the Lewis of the Lodge and their fathers and our NorthStar Coaches. It was an honor to award them all! The Lodge even honored their DSA with the new jewel from Grand Lodge and Bro. Heron with his 65 Years of Service award. A wonderful end to a wonderful year. I look forward to our continued journey. It is really still just beginning! RW D


NorthStar Coach Certification


Honoring Masonic Legacy – The Lewis Jewel

First and Second Erie Veterans Day 2017 Events

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Patriotism is something that goes hand in hand with Freemasonry in the USA. We are so proud to be able to honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice for our shared freedom.  The Masons of Erie County were on point this year with many Veterans Day and Remembrance Day Program in our Lodges and Concordant body communications. We also held many public events to honor those who served. Bro. David Peters and Wor. Mike  Willibey camped out for Veterans a few nights before the annual Colden Veterans Day Parade held by Living Stone Lodge. They were able to donate $350 from their efforts. This ends with a wreath laying and beautiful ceremony at the Colden Veterans Memorial. The Brothers of First and Second Erie continued ceremonies on Veterans Day at the Kenny Field Veterans Memorial in Tonawanda. The cold did not keep people away. Bro. Paul E. Rudnicki of the Masonic War Vets, State of New York, gave a wonderful speech about Arlington Cemetery and the sacrifices of the living as their loved ones serve. All events were well attended and the support and dedication to the honoring of our vets.

First Erie – Wednesday November 2nd – Official Visit Perseverance-Suburban Lodge No.948



Wednesday, November 2nd – Official Visit Perseverance-Suburban Lodge No.948

Our last official visit before the Homecoming. What a wonderful visit! The Frist Erie Team thanks Perseverance for their hospitality and fellowship. They even had the pleasure of hosting the Master of Harmonie Lodge and an EA that wanted to visit their Lodge in particular. All in all a wonderful night and enjoyable reception of the Grand Master’s Message and work of our First Erie Team.

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