Erie County Masonic History Project

Second Erie GLC October 30th –

Official Visits 2017-2018

This is a rolling collection of Offical visit photos. It will be updated as the visits continue across our districts.

Washington Lodge No. 240 – September 28th

Ancient Landmarks Lodge No. 358 – September 25th –

First Erie Donates Grill to Wiley Hall

During the year the First Erie Team does a variety of fundraising efforts to contribute to the efforts of Wiley Hall. With our Grand Master making this his designated charity, it made it a priority to support. Support it we did! This year alone First Erie was able to donate towards the renovations happening in the patio of Wiley Hall. Helping to complete the efforts with the purchase of a very nice Weber grill. This will allow the residence under our fraternal care to enjoy the nice summer weather with their families the patio of their home in the Masonic Care Community.  It may seem minor but these additions add to the quality of life and the enjoyment of all that are visiting or live in our Masonic Home. Thank you Erie for the continued support!

Eggertsville Grand Island Lodge Donates to Veterans

Eggertsville Grand Island Lodge donates $500 to the Charles N. Deglopper memorial park fund. The park is located on Grand Island and will cost $100,000 to complete the park. The post commander and Jr vice received the donation.

Also the Lodge ran into a Brother! Bro. Peter Xanthos who is a WWII veteran and a Mason of 64 years and a member of EGI. The stories he had were extremely interesting. What a true American hero.   – Wor. William Koller

2017 Installation of Officers – Rolling Officers Pictures

Ken-Ton Lodge No. 1186 – Wor. Adam Patterson – May 24, 2017

Blazing Star Lodge No. 694 – Wor. Glenn S. Capron – May 23, 2017










Transportation Lodge No. 842 – Wor. Christopher Wilson – June 1, 2017









Erie Parish United Lodge No. 191 – Right Wor. Robert Baus – June 1, 2017

Living Stone Lodge No. 255 – Wor. James Butera – June 1, 2017








Fortune Lodge No. 788 – Wor. Timothy Bluff – June 3, 2017

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