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Grand Lodge 2017 EAP


From: Brother Michael Shipman, Chairman –
Grand Lodge Education Assistance Program
Has everybody in your lodge, district, in your lodge monthly communications received the attached flyer?
Has this information been posted on your Lodge Website, Facebook Page and District Website?
**Deadline for Applications for Educational Assistance Program:
April 1, 2017 – Time is running out!
*Please get the word out at all events!
Thank you in advance for disseminating this very important information to your Fellow Brothers.
R∴W∴ Michael Shipman-Chairman,
Educational Assistance Program
shipmanship [at] yahoo [dot] com

Camp Turk


Dear Brothers:

Happy New Year! Even though we are in the middle of winter, we are already preparing for an unforgettable summer at Camp Turk. I would like to ask that each of you share this information and help to send a child to Camp Turk this summer, whether it is a DeMolay, Triangle, or Rainbow member or a son or daughter, grandchild, great grand child, neighbor or friend. Please note, a camper does NOT have to be related to a mason in order to attend camp.

Camp Turk will be offering one, two or three week sessions again this summer. Parents who have never sent their children away now have the chance to try camp out. Last summer many of the campers that were signed up for a one or two week session extended their stay once they gave camp a try. Campers must be between the ages of 8 to 16.

Camp Turk offers a scholarship program for families in need of financial assistance. For further details, please contact us at (315) 392-2081. If you would like to make a donation to the scholarship fund to help these deserving children, you can do so by sending a check to the above address and mark it for the scholarship fund.

We have noticed that many of your Lodges or Districts have websites. We would like to ask if you could add a link to our website which is Some Lodges and Districts may have already done this. You can also LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram at camp.turk.

We are currently organizing work weekend at camp on June 9th, 10th & 11th. We are looking for volunteers to help clean and prepare camp for the upcoming camping season. Please give us a call if you are interested in volunteering to help get the camp for the summer.

Enclosed is a copy of our “Wish List” for your perusal.
If you are interested in hosting a Camp Turk information night in your lodge or district, give us a call and we will send one of our Committee members out to your area for a presentation.

If you have any additional questions, contact Mollie Denslow at 315-392-2081 or email us at CampTurk [at] aol [dot] com

This fraternity is truly blessed to have such a great facility as Camp Turk to offer to our youth. Give a gift to a youth that will last a lifetime!


Mollie Denslow
Camp Turk Administrator

First Erie Grand Lecturer’s Convention 2017

Group Shot of 2017 GLC at Sweet Home Temple

What an amazing convention! The Sweet Home Temple was filled to capacity on Monday, January 30th for the Convention. Dinner was held before and the Ladies and Youth Groups of Sweet Home hosted a pasta dinner that was very well attended by the convention goers.  Thank you to those that helped with dinner. It is a lot of work! The crowds soon moved to the Lodge Room, well over 100 Masons! We were honored to host many honored guests, especially 2 D.D.G.Ms from other Districts along with 2 Grand Masters, Most Wor. Carl Smith and Most Wor. Edward G. Gilbert.

The program was handled by our Grand Lecturer, Right Wor. Richard J. Kessler who crushed it! It was one of the most interactive and engaging conventions to date. Thank you to Very Wor. Donald Williams or A.G.L who put together a wonderful team to present the work. As with all conventions, awards were handed out by Right Wor. Kessler. We even had visitors from Western Star Lodge No. 1185 from Second Erie. They not only received their Meacham Award and earned their Potts Award but also took the School of Instruction Gavel for attendance.  We can’t even win on our home turf?! Time for a trip to Western Star…..

Take a look below for all those who have earned honors at this convention. We look forward to next year and seeing if we can get even more participation!


Hiram Lodge No. 105 – Meacham Award 2016

Ancient Landmarks Lodge No. 358 – Meacham Award 2016

Harmonie Lodge No. 699 – Potts Award 2017 and Meacham Award 2016

Ken-Ton Lodge No. 1186 – Meacham Award 2016

Western Star Lodge No. 1185 – Second Erie – 2016 Meacham Award – 2017 Potts Award – Erie County Masonic School of Instruction Gavel

First Erie “The Quarry” Winter Edition

Winter Edtion of “The Quarry” the First Erie Newsletter is out for your enjoyment

Download Here  

Royals Arch Masons 2017 Installation of Officers

Holy ArK Chapter No. 304, R.A.M – Installation of 2017 Officers  – January 18, 2017 – Congrats to Exe. Popendeck – High Preist

Tonawanda-Keystone Chapter No. 71, R.A.M – Installation of Officers – January 24. 2017 – Congrats to Exe. Donald G. Williams II –

High Preist

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