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Frist Eire: Installation of Officers for Ancient Landmarks Lodge No. 358

2016 officers landmarks

2016 Officers of Ancient Landmarks Lodge No. 358

This marks the last Installation of Officers for 2016 in First Erie. Held on Saturday June, 18th, It could not have ended on a higher note. The Ceremony was expertly rendered by Very Wor. Donald G. Williams II our A.G.L on his home Lodge of Landmarks. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with fellowship and celebration of the newly installed officers of the Lodge. Wor. Christopher Henel and the officers of Landmarks have big shoes to fill but we know they will have no issues filling them out. Congratulations to all!

We had our First Erie  Communications Chairmen in the audience helping with pictures (Thanks Bro. Dr. Mark!) – to see them all follow the link to Landmarks Facebook Page. 

First and Second Erie Masonic Districts Apron Presentation

2016 GLO 1

Grand Master – Most Wor. Jeffrey M. Williamson and his Officers of First Erie, Second Erie, and Appointed Grand Line Officers


Grand Lodge Officers of First Eire – Very Wor. Donald G. Williams II – AGL – Right Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale – DDGM – Right Wor. John W. Koller – Grand Sword Bearer

glo 4

Grand Lodge Officers of Second Eire – Very Wor. Douglas MeKeel- AGL – Right Wor. Robert Drewzucki – DDGM – Right Wor. John Bindig – Grand Directory of Ceremonies

glo 7

Right Wor. Michael E. Storck – Proctor of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York and his Family

glo 5

Right Wor. Robert Huston – Trustee of the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory and his wife

glo 6

Most Wor. Williamson – Right Wor. john Haslam, Grand Tiler – Most Wor. Gilbert

Masonry is a unique organization in that every two years in New York we select new leaders, reinventing who we are each time. Most organizations of our scale are guided for years by the same group of leadership with little change. With the election of Most Worshipful Jeffrey M. Williamson to Grand Master this past May comes the appointments of his teams across the Jurisdiction. This being his home Districts, this makes for a special event. Held Friday June 17th at Banchetti By Rizzo’s, our Grand Master with the Grand Line honored those he has appointed for leadership roles. Not just in Erie Districts but within the Grand Lodge itself. The event was very well attended with well over 140 guests from across the State.

We thank our event committee that took the time to make this wonderful and to our Grand Master who was able to fit this event in to a very busy schedule. We had two photographers at the event and they did a wonderful job. Above are a few of the highlight shots. If you would like to see them all they can be found on our Facebook Page here. 

Second Erie: Fortune Lodge No. 788 Awards Night

Wor. Velott

Bro. Wood


Tuesday June 14, 2016 North Collins, NY. Wor. William Davis, Brothers, Ladies and guests of Fortune Lodge No. 788 North Collins, NY recognized Wor. J Frederick Velott, Jr. on his 50 year Masonic Anniversary, Brother Edward Wood on his 60 year Masonic and numerous other Brothers on surpassing Masonic anniversaries of note. Festivities were followed by a delicious strawberry social.

Right Wor. Robert Drzewucki
District Deputy Grand Master

First Erie Installations from June 5th to 11th

egi 2016

Officers of Eggertsville Grand island Lodge No. 1138 2016

harmonie 2016

Officers of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 2016

mill 2016

Officers of Millennium Lodge No. 1178 2016

kenton 2016

Officers of Ken-Ton Lodge No. 1186

washington 2016

Officers of Washington Lodge No. 240 2016

hiram 105

Officers of Hiram Lodge No. 105 2016

akron 527

Officers of Akron Lodge No. 527 2016

On behalf of the whole First Erie Team, thank you to all seven Lodges that held their Installations over this past week. It was a crazy week to say the least but each Lodge held wonderful ceremonies and the team is very proud of the quality of work and leaders in each Lodge. This is going to be a wonderful two years. Thank you to all those that traveled. We saw many of the same faces at each event. Thats means Brothers and Sisters are traveling around Erie. That is amazing to see! Each Lodge room was well packed and we know that  means a lot to all present.


Congratulations to –

Tuesday June 7, 2016 – Eggertsville Grand Island Lodge No. 113. Master – Wor. William Koller

Wednesday June 8, 2016 – Harmonie Lodge No. 699. O.M. – Master – Wor. Benjamin Kaminski

Wednesday June 8, 2016 – Ken-Ton Lodge No. 1186. – Master – Wor. Robert Brown

Wednesday June 8, 2016 – Millennium Lodge No. 1179 – Master – Right Wor. Allan Stewart

Washington Lodge No. 240 – June 9, 2016 – Master – Wor. David Metzger

Saturday June 11, 2016 – Hiram Lodge No. 105 – Master – Wor. Mark Robson

Saturday June 11, 2016 – Akron Lodge No. 527 – Master – Wor. Leigh Menzel

Second Erie Installations from June 5th to 11th

Charles W Cushman Lodge No. 879 Installation of Officers  2016

Charles W Cushman Lodge No. 879 Officers of 2016

On the evening of Wednesday June 1, 2016 at the Cheektowaga Masonic Center Charles W. Cushman Lodge No. 879 installed their Elected and Appointed Officers for the 2016 Masonic year. Worshipful Michael Malachowski presided as the Installing Master, Right Worshipful John Kuemmel, Installing Marshal and the Installing Team of Past Masters transitioned Charles W. Cushman Lodge No. 879 onto their next page in Masonic history.

20160607 Fortune #788 Installation of Officers

Officers of Fortune Lodge No. 788 2016

Tyrian #925 Installation of Officers 20160607

Officers of Tyrian Lodge No. 925 2016

On the evening of Tuesday June 7, 2016 the Brothers of Fortune Lodge No. 788 North Collins, NY and Tyrian Lodge No. 925 Cheektowaga, NY installed their Brothers elect and appointed in the presence of Brothers, Family and Friends. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Worshipful William Davis, the Brothers of Fortune Lodge No. 788, Worshipful Dale Lawson and the Brothers of Tyrian Lodge No. 925.


Western Star #1185 Installation of Officers 20160609

Officers of Western Star No. 1185 2016

On the historic evening of Thursday June 9, 2016 the Past Masters of Western Star Lodge No. 1185 installed Worshipful Andrew Drouin along with the elected and appointed officers for the 2016-2017 Masonic year. Inside the packed Western Star Maonic Center Brothers came together with family, friends and dignitaries to celebrate the changing of leadership. As a special addition to the evening the Most Worshipful Jeffrey M. Williamson, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York presented the prestigious Wendell K. Walker Builder of Men Award to Right Worshipful Anthony Oliveri. Following the ceremonies of the evening everyone moved into the fellowship hall for fellowship and fruitful meal.

Wendall Walker Award 2016

MW Williamson and RW Olivieri

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