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Right Wor. John “J.C.” Seefeldt has been called to the Celestial Lodge Above


Brothers, It is our very sad duty to report that our good friend, Right Wor. John “J.C.” Seefeldt has laid down his working tools and entered the Celestial Lodge above. Please keep his family in your thoughts during this very difficult time. He was a friend to many Brothers in Western New York. He and his son (Emory) were active in Ridge Council Demolay. Bro. J.C. was a Lewis with at least two generations of Masonic legacy behind him. He was appointed Grand Steward by the Most Wor. Jeffrey M. Williamson last year. Bro. J.C. suffered from a rare pulmonary condition that he was battling for many years.

The Master of Gasport Lodge No. 787 request all Brothers to attend The Masonic Funeral service for Right Wor. John “J.C.” Seefeldt on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, at 8:30 pm at the Copper Funeral Home. Brothers be in place at 8:15 pm

The viewing will be Wednesday from 2-4pm and 7-9pm

Copper Funeral Home
215 W Center St, Medina, NY 14103

Funeral service will be on Thursday
Time TBA
At The East Shelby Community Bible Church
5278 E Shelby Rd, Medina, NY 14103

Perseverance Suburban Lodge No. 948 100th Awards Ceremony


Congratulations to Perseverance Suburban Lodge No. 948 on their 100th Awards Ceremony. Held at the Sweet Home Temple on April 19th this was a very special event. Assisted by Right Wor. John Koller this is certainly a wonderful lead up to their 100th Anniversary celebration coming up on May 6th.

Betsy Ross Levant Order Chapter 695, O.E.S Official Visit April 6, 2017


BRL had it’s official visit last night on April 6th and like all things BRl they pushed the envelope and celebrated OES in a different way. The Matron and Patron started the night with a Table Chapter, similar to their Masonic Counterparts and had the Chapter doing ritual from the late 1800s and wearing jewels from the 1920s. Celebrating and exploring the whole depth of OES Ritual history.

Dinner was served by candlelight in the round (or in our case a square). Members wear black and white as was the custom back in the late 1800s when OES was founded. There was a cookie ceremony where each point of the star was eaten in honor of one of our heroines.

In the old days, meetings ran around two hours, so there was an intermission in the middle so women could attend to their children. We had an intermission where we were to cross the room and share 1 fact that we knew about Eastern Star and then we could socialize.

The jewels that the Chapter wore that night were from the 1920s, older that most of their members. But how appropriate to be able to wear them on a night where the Chapter celebrated its roots.

WM Stephine Strock and WP Micheal E. Strock are to be commended for their efforts to not only explore Masonic history but to preserve and share it with the larger community.

One thing is for sure this is no longer your Grandma’s OES! Get out there and see all the wonderful work from our Brothers and Sisters.

Grand Master’s Spring Message

Harmonie Lodge No. 699 3rd Degree


Held on April 8th at the Sweet Home Temple Harmonie Lodge conferred the 3rd Degree of Masonry on three Brothers. Making this a very special night two Brothers were Lewis and raised by their fathers. One, in fact, was the first Brother under 21 raised in First Erie. The Lodge welcomed a large group of Candian Brothers that showed up as a surprise to witness the work. Very good work from Harmonie! We are expecting amazing things from these new Maser Masons!

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